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For over thirty years, I have been a practitioner and specialist of violence prevention for at-risk youth and those associated with gang and drug violence. My work has resulted in lives transformed from violent offenders to community members, major truces between gang members locally in  Pittsburgh and Allegheny County, and community organizing around gun violence and homicide research. My approach is to understand violence as a  disease and to work with the individual and organizations infected with this disease to restore, prevent, and stop the spread. My academic appointments and courses taught have allowed me to influence the next generation of community organizers and violence prevention specialists. 

As a formerly incarcerated citizen, I have had the opportunity to support other returning citizens. I have served as a mentor and court support for juvenile lifer cases, as well as a federal expert witness for individuals on death row. Much of my time is currently spent receiving calls and coordinating support and services for people currently looking for commutation or in need of legal services while in corrections. 

I currently serve as Assistant Professor and Director of Violence Prevention  Project at the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health,  Behavioral and Community Health Sciences.